The Most Customizable Scheduling Tools

for Your ER Workflow

No More Long Wait Times, Staff Burnout, & Inefficient Workflows

GetCareNow is an online ER scheduling platform that helps streamline the process of getting patients seen.

ER Efficiency Redefined with GetCareNow

GetCareNow enables patients with non-life threatening medical conditions to schedule appointments online and skip the waiting room at the ED and Urgent Care centers.

By enabling more accessible and convenient care services to patients, as well as empowering the overburdened hospital staff with simplified tools, GetCareNow modernizes the emergency experience for the better.

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Derrick Glum

CEO of Saint Mary’s Health Network

“Our priority is to provide patients an exceptional experience, and that includes the ability for patients to schedule an appointment online and wait safely at home. We know life is busy, and our team of caregivers in the emergency room is honored to ease the stress involved in these situations. We always strive to deliver the very best care.” Learn More

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The Only Scheduling & Management Tools You Need To Streamline Your ER

  • Awareness

  • Online ER Scheduling

  • e-Registration

  • Patient Experience

  • Transition of Care


GetCareNow campaign platform gives you the power to design and run personalized and targeted campaigns that are tailored to your patients. It automates the marketing work so that your staff can focus on delivering quality care.

Proven to Deliver

Decreased Average Door to Triage Time

Reduced From 45 Minutes to Less than 5 Minutes

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Press Ganey Overall Score Increased by 10 Percentile Points

Reduced Churn Rate

Decreased Patients Left Without Being Seen by 50%

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See how GetCareNow Transforms the ER experience

GetCareNow is a tremendous resource for patients and staff at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. It allows for increased transparency, planning, and preparedness – all crucial elements to emergency care. Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center is thrilled to offer this service to patients and community members and remains dedicated to delivering compassionate, quality care to all.

Mark Reece, MPH, MBA

Director of Business Development, Marketing, and Communications

Saint Mary's Health Network

Achieve a Much More Streamlined Operation With GetCareNow EMR Integrations

GetCareNow offers integration with the most widely used EMRs in healthcare

Many More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GetCareNow and How Does it Work?

Steer Health's GetCareNow™ is an online ER scheduling platform that helps streamline the process of getting patients seen. Patients with non-life threatening medical conditions can use GetCareNow to avoid waiting in the ER or urgent care center, while the ER staff can utilize all the necessary tools to achieve operational efficiency and better patient experience.

What Emergency Room Problems Does GetCareNow Address?

GetCareNow addresses a variety of challenges at the emergency room, including long wait times in crowded ERs, staff burnout due to stress, time constraints since physicians and nurses must work quickly to assess patients with limited information and difficult environments with intoxicated or aggressive patients.

How Does Setup Work and How Long Will it Take?

GetCareNow offers fast integration, training, and support for your emergency department scheduling needs. Steer Health team will seamlessly embed your existing EHR and respect your workflows. The integration is real-time ensuring that it's always up to date with the latest information from your systems.

How will GetCareNow help my ER become more efficient?

Steer Health's GetCareNow set of scheduling tools helps the ER staff achieve efficiency by:

  • Optimizing the patient flow to make the ER experience smoother.
  • Providing Preparedness to Clinical Staff
  • Reducing Traffic in Waiting Room
  • Improving Patient Experience and Satisfaction
  • Enhancing the Security of Patient Data with EHR/EMR Integration
  • Expediting the Patient Check-in Process

Steer Health is the leading patient experience and growth platform that helps healthcare organizations grow and amaze their patients.


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