How Orange Country Neurosurgical Associates Drives 100% Patient Satisfaction with Automation


Organic Google Ranking


Increase in online ranking on Google


Online appointments/month


Orange Country Neurosurgical Associates (OCNA)

Orange County Neurosurgical Associates’ team of highly-experienced neurosurgeons provides cutting-edge and individualized treatments for a range of conditions affecting the spine and brain. Dr. Farzad Massoudi is a board-certified neurosurgeon with a primary specialty in spine surgery.

  • Adopting Steer Health's AI-powered plug and play suite of tools has created a modern web presence,
  • Boosted their online reputation from 3.6 to 4.6 using Steer AI-powered patient advocacy module,
  • Helped OCNA organically become #1 on Google ranking.

With their modern presence and smart automation, OCNA now effectively guides patients online from welcoming through every step of their healthcare journey.

Ease of Doing Business

Modernized Online Presence & Simplified Patient Navigation

Orange Country Neurosurgical Associates needed a partner to optimize their web presence. Their website wasn’t bringing in enough traffic or converting as many visitors into patients as they’d like. With Steer Health, OCNA now provides an enhanced & unified online web experience.


Better Ratings & Reviews

Online reputation impacted how OCNA built trust with their patient community and converted more appointments. By partnering with Steer, Orange County Neurosurgical Associates took control of their reputation management strategy and achieved incredible results. With Steer, OCNA now leverages automations to boost online reputation

Digital Engagement

Effective Patient Experiences

To improve patient communications and drive operational efficiency, Steer Health activated multiple AI-powered communication channels for OCNA, including HIPAA Compliant Chatbot solution on the website, 2-way SMS, interactive mass campaigns, and more. Collectively, these serve to improve communication, care coordination, and the experience for patients, physicians, and staff. OCNA has completely transformed how they communicate with patients.


More Access & Convenience for Patients

OCNA recognized that patients today want to schedule appointments at times and locations convenient to them and also want a simple way to interact with their healthcare provider's office. Thus, they partnered with Steer Health. With Steer, Orange County Neurosurgical Associates simplifies & enhances patient access with automation.

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